Features: MyDLP Enterprise Edition

MyDLP is world’s most comprehensive open source data leakage prevention solution. Whether you run a large enterprise or a web startup, MyDLP can help you prevent data leakage and improve your information security policies.

MyDLP Enterprise Edition enables you to identify, monitor and control sensitive data more efficiently. With MyDLP Enterprise edition, you can quarantine suspicious documents or monitor every single operation on endpoint channels.

  • On Demand Workstation Discovery
  • Keywords
  • Predefined Dictionaries
  • Regular Expressions
  • Partial (Approximate) Document Matching
  • Document hashes
  • Predefined Data Types (e.g. Credit Card Numbers)
  • National Identification and Social Security Numbers
  • Source Code Identification
  • Distance (Partial Context Grouping)
  • Predefined Policies
  • Mail BCC Protection
  • Custom Content Definition
  • Block and Log Actions
  • Quarantine and Archive Actions
  • IRM Actions
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
  • Database Integration (SQL / JDBC)
  • Remote Storage Integration (CIFS, SMB, NFS, FTP and more…)
  • ICAP Integration
  • SMTP Gateway Integration
  • Native Syslog Integration
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Simple Reporting
  • Exporting to Microsoft Excel
  • Full-text search with SOLR Integration
  • Text Matching Details
  • Mail Recipient Details
  • Mail Archive
  • Removable Storage Inbound Archive
  • Policy Revisioning

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