Get superior DLP Tool to Protect Your Sensitive Information

Get superior DLP Tool to Protect Your Sensitive Information

In order to protect the business and its reputation and revenue, organizations need powerful data leakage prevention tools.

Data leakage prevention tools can quickly stop valuable information from leaving the company network. But, what is important is to choose the right (data leak protection) DLP solution. It should be easy to go because a complex system can burden the IT teams, and can easily stifle productivity.

DLP simplifies DLP network security without impacting the productivity of end-users. The other features include:

  • Investigate and control traffic on email, webmail, and web applications
  • Counteract delicate information loss via the network, regardless of port or protocol
  • Advise users and administrators when network traffic abuses, corporate information security strategies.
  • Alert the administrators when network traffic abuses take place.

The data visibility and controls managed by DLP network security, enable policy-based protections to guarantee that delicate information is only being transmitted to or accessed by approved beneficiaries.

Insider Threats

Most of the time it is the insider threats that are harder to detect compared to outside attacks. So the challenge is the insider threat. Since employees have authorized logins, their attempts to get information will not be termed as a danger. This can be one of the reasons why insider threat can cause more harm than outside attacks.

Insiders very well know how to be safe and they don’t need to stress over firewalls and other DLP network security tools when they work from inside the network.

DLP network security is all about preventing sensitive data from leaving the organization. So when picking a DLP network security tool, ensure it takes care of your data with utmost precaution.

It encrypts sensitive data automatically when sent through email or transferred to removable devices or cloud/web applications.

Event logging for incident response

Providing full content examination with context awareness

Information discovery and classification features to find and tag sensitive data

A constant flow of data breaches has forced the organization to depend on DLP network security at the enterprise level. Insider threats within the network should be checked quickly before harm is done.

Similarly, internal networks must be controlled if sensitive data is to stay secure. An advanced DLP network security solution is essential to meet this requirement and thus making DLP network security an important factor of enterprise security.

DLP with a single user license is an all-in-one software solution, which monitors, discovers and prevents data leakage from different endpoints in an organization’s network. DLP guarantees, regulatory compliance and restricts access to those who can move data, and help enterprises protect data leakage from both controlled and uncontrolled endpoints.

DLP, while preventing data leakage will still have the capacity to keep running on either virtual machines or any hardware platform. The solution ensures infrastructure is safe. Critical information related to patents, competitive advantages, and engineering ingenuity that is shared across the network remains safe, secure, and protected with DLP.

Using software as a service (SaaS) the IT administrators can upgrade to the new version of the DLP, with no extra costs and no fewer features.


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