How to Buy?

How to Buy MyDLP

This document aims to answer questions about pricing and acquisition of MyDLP Enterprise Edition. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please contact MyDLP Sales Team.

[h2]Licensing Model[/h2]
MyDLP (EE) Enterprise Edition is offered as a single subscription model. That means you only have to pay a fixed fee for your selected subscription terms (currently only 1 year, 2 years and 3 years options are available). This will include all modules, all features, commercial support, documentation and training materials. Also, MyDLP does not require any software license for installation (such as MS Windows Server or Oracle) and you will be able to install MyDLP appliance to almost any kind of hardware or virtual environments.

When license term ends, all you need to do will be acquire a new subscription license for you next subscription term selection.

Major benefit of this model is that it will be way more accurate to determine / estimate TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for your DLP implementation.

[h2]Determination of Subscription Price[/h2]
Price of MyDLP Enterprise Edition will be determined simply according to number of users who will be protected with MyDLP. You won’t pay more for enhancing / changing security profiles for your fixed number of users. For example, assume that you’ve purchased MYDLP EE license for 1000 users, you are using Network Protection for all of your users, but using Endpoint Protection for only 300. If you want to extend Endpoint Protection to all of your users, you won’t need to acquire anything. But, if you want to extend your protection to more than 1000 users, you will need to acquire extra licenses.

Also, there are some assumptions to avoid abuse. For example, we assume that a single user send up 250 email per day and uploads limited amount data to web sites. For details you can always contact MyDLP Sales Team.

[h2]Bulk Acquisitions[/h2]
There are serious price advantages in Bulk Acquisitions. Both for longer terms and larger user counts.

[h3]Acquiring MyDLP EE for Larger User Counts[/h3]
MyDLP EE will be priced incrementally with seriously decreasing pricing periods.

Whether you initially purchase MyDLP EE for larger volumes or not, your discount for increasing user count will be saved. Please feel free to purchase MyDLP EE for smaller counts. You can always be able to use your increased user discount to buy extra licenses.

[h3]Acquiring MyDLP EE for Longer Terms[/h3]
We always recommend you acquire MyDLP for longer terms to obtain the price advantage.

[h2]Payment Options[/h2]
You can pay using Bank / Wire Transfer, PayPal or using Credit Cards. For details you can always contact MyDLP Sales Team.

[h2]How can I contact MyDLP Sales Team for Acquisition?[/h2]
You can fill Product Inquiry form or you can directly contact MyDLP Sales Team.

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