Why SMBs need a DLP solution

Why SMBs need a DLP solution

The opinion that an organization is too small to require a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution, doesn’t possess enough sensitive data to justify one, or doesn’t carry enough risk to warrant it, is unfortunately still one that is held by many SMEs. Without exception, any business that holds personal data poses a level of risk to the consumer; its employees, and the organization itself.  

The list of why SMEs should impart (without question) a DLP solution is extensive. Whether your business operates using desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices, data rests here and is therefore vulnerable to Data Loss through constant threats from malware.

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, the movement is set to fuel impacts on IT security over the coming years.  Data Loss Prevention Solutions should be part of your business planning, never an afterthought. A Data Loss Prevention solution will limit the frequency in which you rely upon your ‘reactive strategy.’

It is not unusual to hear that a company is unsure as to where their organization’s data is being sent and where it is being stored.  Advanced DLP technology ensures that sensitive information can be discovered, controlled, and safeguarded and provides a holistic view of data usage and its location, giving SMEs the knowledge and freedom to make decisions on where they perceive the risk to lurk and what measures they should implement.

When we think of DLP, our immediate thoughts turn to data loss through malicious behavior and via external sources. Unintentional disclosure and thievery, however, are two of the biggest causes of data loss. As we move into the last third of 2018, global research firm Gartner predicts that of the companies that are impacted by GDPR, more than fifty percent of them will fail to be fully compliant at year end, consequently failing to protect the data of their consumers.

Data infringement can result in reputational destruction, business devastation, and a general sense of turmoil for all involved. DLP supports your in-house measures using meticulous monitoring capabilities, drastically diminishing the risk of data loss.

Irrespective of the business sector in which you work, the companies that thrive, expand, and outshine their competitors will undoubtedly have relevant, secure, and tailored DLP in situ. Understand data protection, your responsibilities within in it, and adhere to them, and you can enrich your brand, boost your reputation, and magnify resilience. DLP expediates the safeguarding of critical data, reducing the likelihood of breaches, subsequent financial loss, and unwanted publicity.

To some, DLP is a perplexing market, but rest assured that through a grasp on and appreciation of its capabilities, it can be demystified. By engaging your peers, educating your teams, and setting realistic expectations, DLP can be your solution to future security-based challenges.

Comodo Cybersecurity offers a DLP solution that will discover, monitor, and control the movement of data on your network. We enable SMEs to take responsible action on the sensitive information that is realized through a centrally managed system, one that works tirelessly to protect your organization from threats that are both known and unknown and aids you in reinforcing compliance with The GDPR directive and other regulators around security and privacy.As a global leader in Cybersecurity solutions, offering an advanced DLP solution to SMEs empowers us to support the evolution of consumer confidence in your brand and the services that you offer.


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